• Santi M.A.

    Santi M.A.

    Software Engineer 🚀 · @asturiasjs 📅 · “live coding” en https://santi.live 🟣 · Jugador de pachangas 🏀 · y de videojuegos 🎮 · Lego 🏗

  • Juna Salviati

    Juna Salviati

    Full-time Human-computer interpreter

  • Viviana Sutedjo

    Viviana Sutedjo

    Let’s try this Medium thing!

  • Theakramer


  • Nicola Guglielmi

    Nicola Guglielmi

    Innovation Manager | Team Lead | Lead@GDG Campobasso

  • Anita Kirkovska

    Anita Kirkovska

    Growth engineer by day, creator by night. Founding member, Intersect Labs | YC S19 | Fulbrighter

  • Ilias Papachristos

    Ilias Papachristos

    Full-Time Family Man, Ex-Military Helicopter Pilot, Kendo Instructor(V), Google Cloud Architect, Beta Tester Coursera(V), Lead GDG Cloud Thessaloniki(V)!

  • Leopold von Süsskind

    Leopold von Süsskind

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